Erinnerungen an den Maestro auf Facebook

In der Gedenkwoche anlässlich des 25. Todestages von Herbert von Karajan am 16. Juli 2014 fragten wir Karajan Fans und Wegbegleiter auf Facebook nach ihrer schönsten Erinnerung an den Maestro, ihrem Lieblingskonzert oder ihrer Lieblingsaufnahme.


Die Resonanz, die wir erhielten, war überwältigend. Wir haben deshalb eine Auswahl der besten Kommentare für Sie hier zusammengefasst.





"Selling the official Salzburg Festival Almanach for years I had the chance to see all his concerts in Salzburg during that years and such great opera performances as Don Carlos, Parsifal, Lohengrin, der fliegende Holländer, Rosenkavalier, Carmen, Troubadour and more! He was my favourite conductor for years. And after all this years I still listen to his recordings, remembering great moments."

(comment by G. Schachl)                   



"1976 recording of Beethoven 9th. 4th movement, right where the timpani rumble and Van Dam comes in thrills me every time I listen."

(comment by G. Nahill)




"Ho avuto il grande privilegio di poter ascoltare e vedere dal vivo Herbert von Karajan a Roma, quando diresse i Wiener Philharmoniker a Città del Vaticano. Era il 29.06.1985 e, per una pura casualità, riuscii ad entrare nella Basilica di San Pietro, per la solenne celebrazione dei SS. Pietro e Paolo. Ottenni un posto a sedere immediatamente dietro i Cardinali, perché la cara persona che mi fece avere l'invito, nel tentativo di farmi avvicinare più possibile all'Altare e quindi all'Orchestra, mi inserì tra coloro che dovevano ricevere la Comunione da Sua Santità, Papa Giovanni Paolo II. Doppia ed inaspettata emozione, per una giornata incredibile che non dimenticherò mai. L'acustica non era un granché, perché ampiamente compromessa dalle innumerevoli eco dovute all'immensità delle navate della Basilica Vaticana. Partecipare, esserci, assistere, ascoltare, rivedersi poi nel video di quella giornata memorabile, fu davvero un qualcosa di speciale." (comment by F. A. Donnarumma)



"I was lucky to see Herbert von Karajan several times - a concert in Salzburg and some Opera performances, also in Salzburg. Once my father met Karajan at his home on Anif for an interview, and being more familiar with typing than Dad I wrote down the whole thing from the tape. Still remember his voice so clearly, and I had Karajan?s laughter right in my ear. My favourite recording? Mozart?s piano concert # 23, KV 488, second movement, with Gieseking." (comment by M. Elias)




"I saw Don Carlo, Aida and Bruckner 9th or 7th in Salzburg!!! Very impressive!!! What was amazing: his skill to make the Orchestra stop in one millisecond with no sound right after his gesture...." (comment by A. Germinet)




"My favorite recording of Karajan is Brahms's 4th (1977); although there are several other versions that move me (cf. Bernstein's, Böhm's), no version, for me personally, captures the Brahmsian temperament and vision quite as exact as Karajan's where the defined undercurrent (cello, contrebasse, percussion) clash and enforce (at the same time) the main current... Karajan's vision makes the symphony so beautiful, yet very organized; just like the flow between subjects and their counterpoints in Bach's fugues. I listen to that recording everywhere, even now, in Bali." (comment by V. Sonata)



"Brahms 3 and 1 at Carnegie Hall in 1974, and then the Mahler 9 in Salzburg in 1982 -- my graduation present to myself. Each performance was like a gift from God." (comment by C. A. Wilson)




"My first experience of Karajan's music making was listening to a tape of music by Grieg on DG while laying in bed in the British Military Hospital in Berlin in 1979 & my first purchase when I returned to the UK in 1980 was an EMI recording of Sibelius music which included Finlandia & Tapiola." (comment by T.Bird)



Posts von anderen Künstlern


Udo Jürgens: "Ich lernte Herbert von Karajan vor den Aufnahmen zum ersten Satz "Wort" meiner Sinfonischen Dichtung "Die Krone der Schöpfung" mit den Berliner Philharmonikern kennen. Zu meiner großen Überraschung hatte er zuvor meinem Konzert in der Philharmonie von Anfang bis zum Ende beigewohnt und dabei unkonventionelle Ideen entwickelt. Um die klassische Unterhaltung zu entkrampfen, wie er sagte, hat er mir tatsächlich die Hauptrolle des Danilo in "Die lustige Witwe" von Franz Léhar angeboten. Sein Traumvorschlag in Gershwins Concerto in F und in der Rhapsody in Blue den Klavierpart zu übernehmen traute ich mir allerdings nicht zu."


Leonard Bernstein Office: "Leonard Bernstein and Herbert von Karajan first met in January 1954 in Milan, where both were conducting at La Scala. Despite their occasionally fraught relationship over the years, they became friends. Late in both of their lives, they would arrange occasional secret meetings, in Salzburg, Berlin or Vienna. When Karajan died on July 16, 1989, Bernstein was in Paris conducting the Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival student orchestra, as part of the concerts to inaugurate the new Opéra Bastille. During the concert, Bernstein asked the audience for a moment of silence to honor his colleague. Later that year, Bernstein participated in a Karajan Memorial Concert presented by the Vienna Philharmonic / Wiener Philharmoniker. He conducted the slow movement of an orchestral version of Beethoven's F major Quartet, op. 135: a fitting tribute indeed."


José Carreras: "Con su muerte se cierra una página irrepetible de la historia de la música. Era el mejor, el número uno. Seguía la línea de maestros de la talla de Toscanini, Fürtwangler, Bruno Walter. Pasarán muchos años hasta que se pueda encontrar un director como él. Hoy, desde luego, no lo hay."


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