Karajan in Word and Vision
Bitte legen Sie ab - Portrait eines Prominenten

The Austrian interview programme "Bitte legen Sie ab" ("Make yourself at home") featuring portraits of prominent celebrities was highly successful in the 1960s.



Herbert von Karajan was a guest on this multifaceted show led by Austrian journalists and authors Heinz Fischer-Karwin and Karl Löbl, in which the conductor's wife Eliette von Karajan, the soprano Gundula Janowitz, Karajan's housekeeper Greta Weitgasser and his pilot Paul Brenner also got their say.



Heinz Fischer-Karwin: Can conducting be learned?
Herbert von Karajan: "...Teaching is one of my favourite activities. I can tell you after two minutes if someone is really suited to conducting or not. Everything else can be learned.
You can teach someone a style, or technical aspects of the art. Above all, you can show someone how to convert their desire to do something into concrete actions, in other words, to make an orchestra play as imagined. The art of interpretation cannot be taught."

Das Wunder Karajan - Der Mensch hinter dem Musiker

A film by Gudrun Bichler and Karl Löbl

In this film, the Austrian journalist and author Karl Löbl, who published the biog-raphy of the same name ("The Karajan Miracle") in 1965, interviews the 80-year old conductor.

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Herbert von Karajan zum 80. Geburtstag

A report by Klaus Geitel and Klaus Lindemann

Herbert von Karajan presents his new project - the Salzburg Easter Festival - which was organized through the Patrons' Association of the Salzburg Easter Festival and without public funding, opening in 1967 with a performance of "The Valkyrie".

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Karajan - Early Images Vol. 2

Vienna Symphony Orchestra
Robert Schumann:
Symphony No. 4 in D minor op. 120 (rehearsal, 1965)
Director: Henri-Georges Clouzot
with English subtitles

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Karajan - Early Images Vol. 1
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Herbert von Karajan einmal anders

Wiener Philharmoniker
Peter J. Tschaikowsky:
Fifth Symphony, (rehearsal and recording, 1984)
Director: Ernst Wild

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