Karajan in Word and Vision
Das Wunder Karajan - Der Mensch hinter dem Musiker

KL: "Has your personal development been influenced by the continuing develop-ment of technology?"
HvK: "Certainly, it has definitely influenced me, because I have always said to my-self: what will be the result? And how can we do it? Because at that time we had no experience at all in this area.
It was later at Columbia where we recorded nine symphonies. (We) used micro-phones to make 17 three-hour recordings in Kingsway Hall in London to find out exactly where it sounded good. We didn't have a feel for that. When I think today when we start a project...and that is what I said to Legge back then: "I feel that I am entering paradise when I walk into the concert hall, take off my jacket and start to conduct."

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Bitte legen Sie ab - Portrait eines Prominenten
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Herbert von Karajan zum 80. Geburtstag

A report by Klaus Geitel and Klaus Lindemann

Herbert von Karajan presents his new project - the Salzburg Easter Festival - which was organized through the Patrons' Association of the Salzburg Easter Festival and without public funding, opening in 1967 with a performance of "The Valkyrie".

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Karajan - Early Images Vol. 2

Vienna Symphony Orchestra
Robert Schumann:
Symphony No. 4 in D minor op. 120 (rehearsal, 1965)
Director: Henri-Georges Clouzot
with English subtitles

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Karajan - Early Images Vol. 1
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Herbert von Karajan einmal anders

Wiener Philharmoniker
Peter J. Tschaikowsky:
Fifth Symphony, (rehearsal and recording, 1984)
Director: Ernst Wild

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