Karajan in Word and Vision
Herbert von Karajan zum 80. Geburtstag

"I am working on a project that interests me from the bottom of my heart, that has completely taken hold of me. This project alone will take about six months of work for me to complete. There are several factors that allow me to say that I couldn't have it any better. We are a family that really has an interest in making this festival the best it can possibly be. I think it is incredible that everything else just falls by the wayside during this time. Actually, I have never had difficulties at that moment when each person realizes that the responsibility rests on them - but in unity with many other people: that is how I define an ensemble."

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Bitte legen Sie ab - Portrait eines Prominenten
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Das Wunder Karajan - Der Mensch hinter dem Musiker

A film by Gudrun Bichler and Karl Löbl

In this film, the Austrian journalist and author Karl Löbl, who published the biog-raphy of the same name ("The Karajan Miracle") in 1965, interviews the 80-year old conductor.

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Karajan - Early Images Vol. 2

Vienna Symphony Orchestra
Robert Schumann:
Symphony No. 4 in D minor op. 120 (rehearsal, 1965)
Director: Henri-Georges Clouzot
with English subtitles

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Karajan - Early Images Vol. 1
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Herbert von Karajan einmal anders

Wiener Philharmoniker
Peter J. Tschaikowsky:
Fifth Symphony, (rehearsal and recording, 1984)
Director: Ernst Wild

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